Link NYC – 1GB Public Free Wi-Fi for New Yorkers


After the design competition Reinvent Payphones launched to give a new purpose to the 7500 out-dated payphones in New York, fresh and great ideas came into place. Now, that project is coming into shape.


The first Link stations can already be seeing in some spots of New York with the ‘beta’ tag. These stations come with free domestic calling, USB charging, Internet browsing with an Android tablet, and last but not least, free 1GB Wi-Fi, that will cover around 45 meters around. Is estimated to cost 200 million dollars but it is expected to be funded by investors and ads using its two big screens.


The hub will also provide a headphone jack, microphone and a 911 call button. The ‘beta’ phase expects to provide feedback from the users on how to improve it. There are currently only 2 operating, but 500 will be installed by this summer and 4500 within four years. Ultimately they will replace all 7500.

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