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Smartflower is the name of the company of Austrian origin that has recently introduced its new product known as Smartflower POP. This system offers several advantages including the fact that its installation is greatly simplified, since the device can be placed through a simple assembly and not have more than a quick configuration which can connect to start producing electricity. In essence it is presented as a substitute for traditional photovoltaic solar panels for homes, combining different technologies to achieve the highest possible efficiency. It’s flower shape makes it an element that is decorative as well as useful>


A different way to getenergy

The system covers an area of 18 square meters of solar panels guided to capture the maximum radiation, hence its great similarity not only physically but also functional with sunflowers. In total we can get about 4000 kWh per year which, according to the manufacturer’s own observations, is double the electricity that could be obtained with 18 sqm through the use of traditional panels.

Smartflower POP is able to capture maximum solar energy through its monocrystalline panels and intelligent connection circuit, covering all surfaces of the panels and modules. It provides a degree of self-sufficiency in almost 60% compared to a comparable facility on roof whose average is around 30%.

In short, compared with other static solar roof installations, it starts much earlier to produce the electricity from the needed in the morning to the last rays in the afternoon. Only then, when the sun goes down, he retreats back to its initial position protecting the photovoltaic sensors, fully automatically. When dawn begins to reopen and extend all its petals to begin again to generate electricity.


Efficient and smart

Smart cleaning functions and smart cooling contribute to increased performance. For one, the system cleans itself easily and automatically removing dust or snow, whenever unfolds and folds. This minimizes the usual losses in energy production (up to 5%) as the plates are always clean. Moreover, the system is self cools. The heating of the modules causes a decrease in the production of electricity. A temperature rise of 10 ° C reduces the energy yield 5%. Smartflower POP is designed so that the modules are always provided with rear ventilation. To prevent accumulation of hot air reduces the temperature between 10 and 20 ° C, resulting in a yield between 5% and 10% superior to roof installations. It has sensors to avoid possible damage from wind speed.

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  1. is the solar flower available in Canada? We would love to distribute it for you here?

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