SLAM! (Without the exclamation mark), which comes from Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, it is a computational technique that builds or updates a 3D environment from a robot sensor. Key aspects are the interpretation of data and representation of the environment.

The biggest problem of this technology is to build a map while the robot locates itself on the map. In practice, these problems can not be solved independently. Before a robot can answer the question of how is a space, according to a number of observations, you need to know from that location they have been made. At the same time, it is difficult to estimate the actual position of the robot without a map. Leading to a “vicious circle” which is the main obstacle they have to overcome.

The following videos show several developing systems creating 2D and 3D representations of different spaces.

— ¿Are you bored of taking measurements? — Me too. Hopefully they will make quickly.

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