Highest sustainable building

The highest sustainable skyscraper in the world will be in Bilbao, Spain. The Bolueta building, which began its construction last July at the Bilbao district of the same name, will surpass the first one in just 5 meters. In total, it will have 88 meters height.

Designed by the architectural firm Varquitectos, Bolueta is part of a complex of 361 apartments spread over two skyscrapers. Including 2 and 3 room apartments with a floor space between 74 and 85 m2.  It will be raised by Visesa, the Public Company of the Basque Government, according to the energy requirements of Passivhaus.


There are four key issues that will define its construction: energy saving, high acoustic and thermal comfort, indoor air quality and natural materials. And although the delivery date of the floors is planned for the fourth quarter of 2017, this flagship project has already obtained qualification Best Practice on the X International Award for Best Practices of United Nations.


Visesa have had, from the outset, interest in developing projects within the Passivhaus standards. The measures taken to obtain the results that allow tag the tower as building nearly zero-energy consumption are five: improved insulation, elimination of thermal bridges, improved glazing and joinery, airtightness and mechanical controlled double-flux ventilation . The combination of these principles will achieve savings of up to 75% on the heating bill.

The new neighborhood of Bolueta is conceived in close contact with the river, in order to restore the natural environment.

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