The 13 most innovative clean technologies

Energy saving devices in homes, flexible solar panels, low-cost systems for consumers to earn money by recycling, microalgae to produce better biofuels … Clean technologies are a good deal to help improve the environment, economy and the lives of consumers, and its potential for the coming years is enormous. This article highlights the most innovative clean technologies in the world.

Clean technologies useful for businesses and consumers

Clean technologies reduce resource consumption, and thus, are a good deal for the environment, economy and society. More and more companies around the world offer a variety of services and products in this promising sector. So is said by Troy Ault, senior analyst at Cleantech Group, which brings together leading global companies and investors in clean technologies.

This expert point out thirteen notable initiatives for their originality, innovation and usefulness for businesses and consumers:

1. AlgaEnergy: their representatives use microalgae to produce second generation biofuels, greener than their predecessors.

2. Alucha: has a pyrolysis technology for recycling plastic and aluminum of the tetrabricks. This type of packaging are recyclable in theory, but the process is complex to achieve.

3. Gnarum: the energy service company (ESCO) stands out for its way to optimize energy consumption of buildings from private individuals and companies.

4. Likuid Nanotek: based on different filtration systems like ceramic membranes for the purification of waste water in a more sustainable way.

5. Midsummer: they have created low cost solar panel flexibles and removables, suited to recharge all types of mobile devices. In African countries with many hours of sunshine and low availability of conventional network outlets, they have found a great business opportunity.

6. Nest: offers an intelligent thermostat to improve the efficiency and savings in the household’s air conditioning .

7. NTS Energie: take advantage of the wind energy with an original system of kites and rails.

8. Opower: this electric company reduces the expense of its customers in two main ways. On the one hand, its representatives show consumers how to improve their energy efficiency. On the other, they send information consumption compared to its neighbors. If users are spending more than average, they are more interested in reducing it.

9. Optimitive: uses information technology and artificial intelligence to optimize industrial processes and save energy.

10. RecycleBank: offers financial incentives to consumers to increase recycling and reduce waste.

11. Sefaira: has a computer program based on the cloud to improve the sustainability and efficiency of buildings.

12. WaterSmart: is based on the same idea as Opower, only apply to the water consumption.

13. Wattio: it has developed a system for the telematic control of energy consumption and the comfort in homes that achieves significant savings.

The 100 best companies in clean technologies in 2014

The Cleantech organization has published the report ‘2014 Global Cleantech 100‘, which selects the one hundred leading companies in the global industry of clean technologies. The United States heads the list in a prominent way, because of the hundred listed companies, 62 are in this country. Far behind are the UK (7 companies), Germany (6), Canada (5), France (3), Netherlands (2) and Norway (2).

By areas, energy efficiency companies are the most numerous (24 cases). Specifically, they include companies specializing in providing solutions for lighting management and energy in buildings. Then followed by the water & wastewater, biofuel and biochemical, solar, smart grids, energy storage and transportation.

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