Ghost Cell

French director Antoine Delach had the curious idea of filming scenes of everyday life in Paris, but seen through 3D scanner similar to that devices like Kinect use. The result is one of the most bizarre and hypnotic videos I’ve seen lately. Using 3D stereoscopic cameras, the City of Light seems an organism under an electron microscope. Everything …



Print a 3D object from a resin with UV light and oxigen 25 to 100 times faster than current 3D printers? Wait no more


Dreams What are dreams? Moments etched in time Swept in strokes on twilight canvases Vast as the cosmos Quiet lullabies echoing through the purple dawn Dreams Farthest reaches of imagination, fulfilled Endlessly evolving Hidden Leaps and bounds Hidden beauty in unexpected places Sculptures of perfect imperfections These are dreams Sublime journeys beyond the extraordinary Sad …