Apartments-Catamaran Hotel

The project, developed by Salt & Water in order to promote tourism in inland waters, won the prize Millenium Yatch Design Award 2015 on Dream Boats section. The floating hotel would be a perfect solution for tourism without violating the natural harmony of a place.

It consists of two parts: a main building attached to the mainland and a series of apartment-catamaran units. Passing through the floating structure (which consists of a reception, restaurant, offices and cafeteria), the guests can access the apartments. Each one is an independent ship that can be separated from the dock and navigate alone, allowing guests to choose the perfect location for their stay by themselves.

Each catamaran has a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, entrance with a storage area and a small bedroom over the lounge. Two terraces top the bow and stern. From one of them is easy access to water.

The main idea is to allow users to enjoy their visit through a low-speed navigation and an uninterrupted view of the surrounding nature. Wood design and views connects visitors with nature, water and sky; isolating the stress of everyday life.

Salt & Water is an architecture studio specialized in design of yachts and interiors of private planes.


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